Flashback to Majorca

Does anyone else go on holiday, it goes super fast and then you want to go back straight away because it feels like it never really happened? because that is what happens to me ALL the time.


I have been abroad 4 times now but the older I am getting, my experiences have been different every time. Back when I was younger I went to Egypt and then Cyprus with my mum and dad. I was obviously younger so I have very faded memories of those holiday, although I do remember them being great obviously. Now, my mum and dad are separated. So this time, it was me, my mum, my boyfriend, mums best friend, her daughter and her daughters friend.

The reason why my experiences have been so different is because now, as you get older you take more in. The culture, the views, the things and people you see. I live in Orkney so the weather is a massive change!

I am not the most confident girl you will ever meet. I have never been comfortable in my own body and I am very self conscious. When I get the opportunity to travel to these types of places, its almost as if it disappears. All the worry and fear that someone you know will see you in a dress without tights. Or, a big worry for me is being in a swimming costume. For me, that is without a doubt an absolute living NIGHTMARE.

It took me a few days to properly get used to being so bare. To walk around without a towel wrapped around me, to be able to walk about without trying to find a different route that wasn’t so busy. Not sure how I got over it. I think with my boyfriend being with me, it made me realise that, if he didn’t like my body and didn’t find me attractive, then why on earth would he be here? Plus, nobody knew me there, so why would I give a damn!


One thing I loved about Majorca was the details on the old buildings. The old windows, the pretty tiles, flowers on every corner. It was one of those moments where you wish your eyes could take pictures because no matter what camera I used there was no way I could capture the beauty of everything. Not forgetting the heat, oh my god. For a pale Scottish girl to be wandering about you definitely stood out from the crowd.





If anyone does ever decide to go to Majorca, then you have to visit the Old Town. It is beautiful! So many stalls with pretty jewellery (that you may be forced to buy!) but it is worth it. Loads of cute souvenirs, little trinket shops and amazing scenery. I wish we could’ve stayed for longer there but it was by far the hottest day.





There is one photo that I will treasure forever. Slightly cocky because it’s a picture of me.. but the reason why I love it so much is because I look so happy. I normally hate showing my teeth… the famous fang. Anyway, I hate my smile so I always keep my mouth closed in pictures. But in this picture, I am properly smiling, my hair hasn’t seen a hairbrush in a day or 2 and I just don’t care. For me, that is true happiness and confidence that I will never forget.



Thank you so much for reading and putting up with my never ending rambles. Till next time, adiรณs!


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