Comfort Shoes

Quick note before I begin, I apologise for not writing recently. I’m back now though and it’s time to talk about shoes.

This is just a tiny section of my shoe collection. If I was to take pictures and explain every little detail of every shoe, I think you would all rather watch paint dry. Once I start getting more blog posts up that is fashion related, you will soon realise I tend to lean towards comfort over anything. Which is why you’ll hardly ever see me in heels. It’s honestly comical, you do not want to see it.

I have chosen a few pairs of shoes that I tend to wear daily. The shoes I have picked are super reliable when it comes to picking an outfit. If I am wearing a dull outfit, they add a little bit of detail so it’s not too boring. They’re all super comfy too which is obviously a bonus!

So to start things off, I have chosen two pairs of shoes which are exactly the same but different colours.


These shoes are from Primark and they were Β£8 each. I also noticed they do them in a pump version too which is really cute and have a classy type look to them. The picture of the pumps can be found on Primarks Instagram.

Next, another pair of plimsolls! These are from New Look so I can link them below if anyone likes them, they are in the sale too! My mum actually bought these shoes for herself when she went on holiday, now we share them because I fell in love with them. The detail on them kind of reminds of a Chinese material I have for sewing which is why I love them so much.

Black Satin Floral Brocade Slip On Plimsolls


Last but not least, these little beauties. I bought these from New LookΒ a little while ago so I can’t find them on the website anymore. Even though they have gaps in between the straps and it can be cold, these will look so nice for Autumn with leggings/jeans and a big wooly jumper and scarf. (I live for Autumn and Winter by the way).


So that is it! my little collection of shoes. I have loads of ideas for upcoming blog posts so if you would like, follow me to keep updated. Thank you for reading and again, sorry for being so quite. Till next time! πŸ™‚ X


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