Wedding Time

At the end of September I attended a wedding for the first time in years. The last time I was at anyone’s wedding I still had a bowl cut and had a terrible sense of fashion. So I was super excited to experience a wedding with my boyfriend and his family. When it came closer to the wedding I was getting so nervous, I wasn’t even the one getting married! Thanks to my now second family I had help with my hair and I had an absolute blast.

I bought a dark blue midi dress from ASOS which I will leave a link below if anyone would like to see or buy it. I had to get it in a size bigger because my size was out of stock so I had to pin the front of the dress because I didn’t want anything slipping out! Plus, with it being a size bigger it was a little bit longer on me but it did the job. For shoes I bought a pair of burgundy heels from New Look. Which I had to take off several times through the day/night because I cannot walk in any shoes with a heel. These ones had a tiny heel too and I still couldn’t hack it! but as the drinks were flowing it didn’t matter if I had them on or not!





The hall was beautiful and I loved the decorations. I was going to take loads of photos but I ended up taking very few because in the moment you just want to take everything in and make the most of your night. I will post a few photos below of what I did manage to take, I will leave out the drunken ones from the end of the night though!

All in all it was a brilliant and crazy night. The Bride looked beautiful, the bridesmaids and everyone else who attended. I am so lucky to be part of my boyfriends family. Even though I get nervous and feel like I should stay on the side lines, they always make me feel so welcome and I will always be grateful for that.

So.. who is getting married next?!




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