Artic Holiday Matte Lipstick Review

It’s Officially November! So here comes the dark lippy.. YAY.

On Wednesday me and my mum travelled to Aberdeen for a little break from reality and some retail shopping. Ever since Kiko Milano opened up in Union Square Shopping Centre it has been my go to place for make up. The first time I entered the shop I was only going in to have a look and walk out. I ended up buying way more than I imagined. I think Kiko is so underrated. All you ever hear about is MAC and other places. Kiko has super reasonable prices and does not break the bank. You can get lipsticks that are amazing for just £3.90 and that’s not even in the sale!


When I went in the other day I realised the new collection had been released, Arctic Holiday. One thing I love about it is the packaging, It’s so pretty! I only bought a couple of things this time because I am saving for December.. and let me tell you, when December comes around I will be bathing in Kiko products!

So, I bought a Matte Lipstick in the shade Refined Red. I don’t normally go for reds as I feel I sometimes look like Penny Wise the Dancing Clown. I just can’t pull it off sometimes. I am now a brunette from blonde so I thought I might just try it out with the hopes of my hair taming the clown look.

The lipstick was £10.90 and it is the best £10.90 I have ever spent on a lipstick. Most matte lipsticks are super drying and don’t last very long on your lips. This one however is super creamy and lasts for hours without having to reapply. It is very pigmented and is exactly what the colour looks like it should be. I often buy lipsticks, apply it and it looks nothing like the colour that it should be. It also has a magnetic fastening lid which I am so amused with!



If anyone is looking for a red lipstick then I 100% recommend trying this one out! Or any of the Kiko lipsticks. I own quite a few now and I love every single one of them. Can you tell I have an obsession with Kiko?

Here is the link to the lipstick if anyone would like to check it out – LIPSTICK

Thank you for reading! X


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