Christmas To Do List

So it’s officially that time of year again! I say this every year but my god.. this year has flown by hasn’t it?! Looking back on the year I have had, for once I am actually going to say that there was more good memories than bad and to me that is the best feeling ever. Even though the bad times were very bad, the good ones always make me feel a whole lot better, obviously.

I can proudly say I was one of those people that wanted to put the tree up before December BUT I was patient and waited.

I absolutely love going on Pinterest and looking at all these amazing trees. Ones that are decorated with glass baubles and 1000’s of twinkling Christmas lights. Looking at different versions of Christmas decor always gets me so excited. Although, nothing will beat our cute lil tree. We have had it for YEARS and my favourite thing to do is over decorate.. because who wants a bare tree?! okay maybe I go a little over board but I love it all the same.

Also, how many hot chocolates is acceptable to drink in December? because I am more than happy to set a world record. Mmmm.

Does anyone make Christmas To Do Lists? let me know in the comments if you do! here is a few of mine:

  • Host a wine and cheese night with the girls
  • Watch far too many Christmas films
  • Try or make Christmas Cocktails (yum)
  • Start making New Years Resolutions (even though my past ones flop every year!!!)
  • Spend time with my friends and family as much as I can
  • Buy and wrap every single present (I am pretty much done, wow)
  • Take as many photos as possible
  • Try and make the best out of everything and spread happiness


Thank you for reading!

Hope everyone is feeling festive and happy. Let me know in the comments! X


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