I can’t believe it is finally that time again.

This year I am turning 20.. I am not ready! It feels just like yesterday I was 12! far too scary.

I had a fab Christmas this year even though I didn’t feel 100% festive. I must be growing up! The girls came back from Uni so it was lovely getting to see them and spend some much needed time with them. I spent a lot of time out and about celebrating and over eating Christmas party food. I also hosted a wine and cheese night! It was great although I went far too overboard with the cheese! The fridge is still beaming yellow and orange when you open it.


I used to write down new goals for every year but as soon as 2018 arrived I felt like, what is the point? I am not saying this in a negative way and if others have goals for themselves, go you and good luck! But when I write down goals for myself I am only ever signing myself up for failure. I get overwhelmed by the possibility of things not coming true and it just puts a downer on everything. So, all I want out of this year is to work on myself. Work on positivity, health, mental health and discover who I am and what I want to do. That may sound like a lot of goals but to me it’s little steps to be taken one at a time. What is the rush? One of my biggest problems is when I start a new hobby/create myself a goal and I can’t get it right or it doesn’t work out the first time, I just accept the fact I can’t do it. I give up and then it turns into something negative. This is why I am taking things slow and just hoping for the best. Positive vibes all around!

I will be posting a lot more this year, I promise! Thanks to those who continue to read or have just stumbled across my blog. Means a lot! X



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