windy beach days

It feels like it has been Winter for agessss. I think I’m not alone when I say I want it to be Summer already! I live in Orkney so it feels like Winter is basically all year round but we do have a lot of sunny days here and there.


I absolutely love going to the beach, doesn’t matter if it’s cold or warm. I think it’s a great way to clear your head. There’s just something about hearing the waves and seeing the views that makes everything feel calmer on the outside and in my head.


Recently I have been way more happier and content with my life and feeling good about myself. I have a new job now and I also have an interview for another one on top of that. So fingers crossed it all works out! Before I really struggled to do anything related to work because of my anxiety. I don’t know what has changed, it feels like a switch in my head has turned on and I am more aware and energetic now. That being said I still have days where I feel down but for now all is good and I am making the most of everything!


Sometimes I really take life for granted. I think we all do now and again but it’s random days out like this one that makes you rethink a lot of things. It’s just a walk on a beach I know but just getting out the house when you are able to, it does clear your head even if it is just for a little while.

Til next time!


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